Roland Acosta Live on Air – Missed Mortgage Payments? In Foreclosure? Tune in on May 14th

Roland H. Acosta – Live on Air!  “Can I Save My Home From Foreclosure?”

Winter Park Real Estate Attorney Roland H. Acosta  will appear live on air on WMEL’s Speak Out Listen In on AM 1300


Hosts J. Brewer and Jean Newell will conduct and in depth interview with Roland on all matters real estate with a focus on Foreclosure Defense, Short Sales, Loan Modifications and Bankruptcy.  Please tune in on on Wednesday, May 14th at 12:00pm  on the Radio turn the dial to 1300 AM.  On the web go to and click “Listen” or CLICK HERE.

I’m in foreclosure? 

What are my options? 

Can I save my home?

Real Estate Attorney Roland H. Acosta will answer these questions and more.  Roland has 15 years experience as Associate General Counsel to SunTrust Bank.  He knows your lender’s playbook when you are in default.

Roland will empower listeners with information that every Florida homeowner should know.  Anyone who is seeking or considering a Loan Modification should listen as Roland demystifies the loan modification process and reveals the dark secrets your Lender keeps from you.   Other topics include:

  1. How to avoid foreclosure
  2. What to do if a foreclosure is filed against you
  3. State programs for qualified mortgage relief
  4. Re-Finance
  5. Forebearance
  6. Load Modifications
  7. Reinstatement
  8. Short Sale
  9. Bankruptcy
  10. And MORE!

About Roland:

ROLAND H. ACOSTA is a Florida Attorney who provides clients with comprehensive services which include:

With an emphasis on transactional work, Mr. Acosta has focused his energies on “closing the deal”.  Roland is committed to providing representation to real people, the everyman, at rates they can afford.

For nearly 20 years Roland was in-house counsel for various banks in the Southeast.  Roland was the former associate general counsel for SunTrust Bank for 14 years.  As a result of his years in the banking industry Mr. Acosta has amassed a wealth knowledge and contacts in the financial industry. He has assisted clients in obtaining financing for their projects. Mr. Acosta’s sources include both institutional and private funding.

Additionally, Mr. Acosta provides legal guidance and strategy for individuals and organizations involved in the real estate industry. He has advanced the interests of realtors, mortgage brokers, commercial lenders, developers, builders, investors, landlords and entrepreneurs of all stripes. Mr. Acosta has taught real estate law at a variety of regional colleges. He has been a featured speaker, instructor and panelist at various colleges and at Orange County sponsored events on a number of topics including the foreclosure process, foreclosure defense and short sales.

In his personal life, Roland has made it a mission of his to help those who cannot help themselves.  For close to 20 years Roland has been a member of Florida’s Chapter of Variety – the Children’s Charity and for the past two years he has served as the non-profit’s President.  With the help Variety’s enthusiastic volunteers and generous corporate contributors the organization remains true to their heritage by bringing children real, tangible help.


Roland H. Acosta & Associates, PA is a comprehensive boutique law firm located in Downtown Winter Park, Florida.  We provided quality representation and exceptional service to our clients at an affordable price.


  • Category: Appearance
  • Date: May 14, 2014
  • Location: 2335 Pluckebaum Road Cocoa, FL 32926 (321) 631-1300‎

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