Frequently Asked Questions - General
We are a Multi-Practice Firm.  We handle cases in Real Property Law, Bankruptcy, Commercial & Business Law, HOA Law, Banking Law, Family Law, and we do also prepare wills and trusts.  We also handle matters where no case has yet been filed, such as a matter where you need assistance negotiating with another party, such as debt negotiation or to short sell a property.  You don’t have to have a lawsuit in mind to use our services.  Often times we have clients looking to Short Sell a property before it goes into foreclosure or if they just do not want to be underwater in the mortgage any longer.  If you have a transactional matter you need professional legal assistance with, such as business formation or contract drafting, we can help you with that.  Please contact us for more information.
Although we do offer a broad range of services for a firm our size, there are times when our expertise is not suited for your needs.  In those instances we will refer you to a highly competent attorney that is that will serve you better than we can.  We will also try to recommend an attorney within the budget you provide.  A short list of the cases we do not handle are those involving Immigration Law, Tax Law or Environmental Law.  
Please email us or call us at (407) 644-2531 and identify yourself as a potential client. A member of our staff will speak to you and obtain basic information about your legal needs. We will contact you to schedule a consultation to meet or talk with an attorney and let you know what to bring to the consultation.  When we meet, we will try to determine what your legal needs are. After determining that the firm has no conflict in taking your matter, we will decide whether to represent you. We make every effort to inform you whether we will take your case in a week.
No.  An attorney-client relationship must first be established by a signed Engagement or Retainer Agreement, if the Agreement calls for an initial fee that must be paid before representation can begin.  
We work on contingency, hourly and flat fee bases, depending on the case.  We strive to ensure that our fees are reasonable and affordable.  For a boutique firm in Winter Park, Florida you will be hard pressed to find more experienced, diligent and competent attorneys in the Orlando metro area at more affordable rates.